The former Russian and Azerbaijan Federal Security Service ” FSB”  spies from Azerbaijan are infiltrated in “EU”country.
The Russian Federal Security Service ” FSB”  and the “Azerbaijan “”Intelligence service”created the spy network in Europe having spread the spies under the guise of migrants.


“The Voice of Europe ” in France writes that ,one of the migrants from Azerbaijan obtained the political asylum in Holland.   The name of that person is Atakhan Abilov. His family received the refuge with him, as well.

Mr. Atakhan Abilov and his family, in order to obtain the refugee status in Holland, submitted false documents to the Dutch authorities alleging that they had suffered under the oppressive regime of the Azerbaijani government.  Mr. Atakhan Abilov paid for his membership documents and medical reports.

“The Voice of Europe ” in France writes ,Mr. Ataxan Abilov has never been a member of any opposition party.  He acquired the membership in the opposition party; in fact, he never belonged to that party.  He never criticized the policy of the state, and he never participated in any actions against the state.

From 1993 to the present day, Mr. Atakhan Abilov has been a member of the Russian Federal Security Service “FSB” and the Azerbaijani “Intelligence service ” spy agency.  He actively collects all the information about the anti-Azerbaijani opposition in Europe, and sends it to the Russian  and the Azerbaijan “Intelligence service” spy agency.

He also writes anonymous letters about the people who criticize the dictatorship of the corrupt Azerbaijani government to the European immigration services.

The above information about Mr. Ataxan Abilov is true and is based on facts.  He is an official member of the Russian FSB and the Azerbaijani  “Intelligence service” spying agency who infiltrated him to Europe to watch and report those who act against the corrupt Azerbaijani dictatorship.

Migrant Abilov openly criticizes that he is a professional separatist.

The newspaper  “Voice Europa “writes that, Atakana Abilova is one of their ethnic fars-speaking origin of Talysh , who in 1993 created a fierce riot against the Azeri people.

The other person is named after Ramin Nagiev  lives in France.Newspaper “Voice Europa “wrote  that Mr.Nagiev 25 years served in the ranks of the committee state security of the USSR.

He poses the murders of the famous Russian oligarch Berezovsky.





​Defector: among refugees from Azerbaijan Europe there are agents of the Russian FSB









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