Committee to protect the rights of Mahir Abdullayev, officer of the Ministry of National Security who went missing in 2003, held a press conference on Wednesday in IRFS Media Center. Committee Chairman, Azad Mursaliyev, said he had no doubt that Abdullayev is alive. “Abdullayev was kidnapped for ransom with the help of people working at law enforcement agencies,” he said.

Mursaliyev reminded that the criminal case was first filed on charges of kidnapping in 2003, but two years later original charges were replaced by those of premeditated murder. The investigation’s answer to numerous requests of Abdullayev’s relatives was standard: “the investigation is ongoing. Additional information will be provided”. Even the videos, disseminated on the Internet by Mahir’s brother Elshad Abdullayev, did not affect the course of the investigation. According to Azad Mursaliyev, these videos do not serve any political purposes.

According to him, the Committee is ready to provide all possible assistance to the investigation. A new video was displayed at the press conference, which presented several people, claiming to be President’s Guards, and Mahir’s brother Elshad Abdullayev discussing the fate of his kidnapped brother. “All these people know each-other and they are managed by one and the same person” said the Committee chairman. Mahir Abdullayev disappeared in October 2003, and there has been no news from him ever since.



























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