Our editors received a very interesting letter from a Canadian citizen.
To: French president
To: French Prime Minister
To: French police Commissioner
To: French Defence Minister
To: French government officials
To: French Immigration Minister.
To: French Security Intelligence Service
To: All French citizens.
This mans name is Ramin Nagiyev. Russian FSB (also known as KGB) agent in France.
This guy and his wife, they are both colonel, from Russian FSB (also known as KGB).



From 1992 to 1998 he killed behind KGB cells in Azerbaijan hundreds of intelligent innocent people.
Now he resides in Strasbourg, France. He is killer. Most time he is poisoning and killing people.
He is making and selling any government documents including French passport. As you see here his ID, this is his French passport.





He was sending this passport pictures to Riga to make fake French passport and sell it. Person to whom he was sending this French passport pictures he sent it to me. He was scared to share this and ask me to share this.
This guy and his wife real threats for French people and for all European countries.

The next word from his interview was told by Boris Berezovsky

I met Nagiyev, when the situation with Rusglobus was just developing. Nagiyev himself came out to me, having read the publications on the Internet. He said that he also wants to take part in “this work.” At first I did not understand what kind of work. You know, any initiative causes suspicion. And then Nagiyev told me that he has a “bomb” about the explosions in Moscow. I advised him, as a law-abiding citizen, to apply to the authorities. To this he replied that the material was intended for Mr. Berezovsky. I took the interview from Nagiyev and published it on the website. After this, the team of BAB became interested in Nagiyev, who was actively looking for meetings with them. For his materials, he wanted a lot, even a lot – a million dollars. In general, they are traded there for his “sensations”.


Ramin Nagiev

“Journalist ”: And what, in fact, can the Azerbaijani counterintelligence officer present to the BAB team?

Boris : Clean water bluff. The thing is that several years ago in Baku the Azerbaijani Ministry of Security arrested several suspected terrorists, among whom were Russians by nationality. Of course, this immediately saw the “hand of the FSB.” And Nagiyev decided to create a “sensation” by stretching a thread from the Baku explosions to Moscow and to the events in Ryazan. Nagiyev served in the Ryazan military prosecutor’s office back in Soviet times, he kept contacts there, so much of this bluff looked almost like truth, intrigued and fell perfectly into the general information attack of the BBC on Russian authorities. Again, he wanted a million dollars.

As a professional journalist, I told Nagiyev straightforwardly: you have no texture, there are speculations, fictions and your own conclusions. He thought differently: nothing, will pass. Nagiyev went to Paris as a tourist and asked for political asylum there, although he was a Russian citizen.

Hasan Saftarov

Canada Toronto

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