Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners


“European file: Pressures on Azerbaijani Political Emigrants and Their Relatives. Current Status and Reality”

(Document covers the period of October 30, 2017 to March 1, 2018)


General information. The submitted Report has been drafted by the  Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners (CPPP). The document refers to developments around Azerbaijani political emigrants residing in Europe and other countries; pressures on family members and relatives of those emigrants in Azerbaijan; causes of these occurrences; current status, ways out of impasse, etc.

Contributing to the report rendering are documents on persons imprisoned or subjected to pressures in Europe and other countries; formal accusations against them; views of victims and their lawyers; local and international press materials, documents on Azerbaijani government’s stance on the subject, as well as related legislative acts, etc…

Pressures on relatives of political emigrants from Azerbaijan residing in European countries

It has to be kept in mind that from 2014 on total attacks on civilian activists have been followed by intensification of pressures and repressions against relatives of political emigrants residing in European countries. Suffice it to say that two relatives of editor-in-chief of “Azadlıq” newspaper Qanimat Zahid living in Azerbaijan (Shemakha- Edit.) were arrested. Also, proceedings were initiated against Mubariz Abdullayev, a nephew (brother’s son) of the former rector of ABU Elshad Abdullayev; brothers of journalist Gunel Movlud; a relative of Meydan TV’s editor Emin Milli; Turan TV contributor Turkel Azerturk’s brother-in-law Emin Saqiy (jailed). 12 relatives, high and low, of blogger Ordukhan Teymurkhan, currently residing in Holland, were brought to Surakhany police station, pressured and tortured, some imposed to administrative penalties. The same was true of family members and relatives of Tural Sadiqly currently residing in Germany whose brother Elgiz Sadyqly was arrested as well. At present, a great number of relatives of Azerbaijani political emigrants in Europe are subjected to pressures, brought to police stations, jailed, fired or intimidated. Many of those persecuted refrained from disclosing the facts in an effort to save their relatives from adversity. Let’s look at some details of the incidents.


… Elshad Abdullayev. After former rector of the Azerbaijani International University, currently living an emigrant life in France, Elshad Abdullayev unmasked some functionaries involved in “mandate bidding” and his brother Mahir Abdullayev’s kidnapping and made public appropriate video-records, his relatives and family members faced horrific pressures. His brother’s son, Karabakh war participant Mubariz Abdullayev was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. Some human rights protection organizations declared him as hostaged political prisoner. Other relatives of the former rector, including his legal representative to Azerbaijan Azad Mursaliyev and others were prohibited to leave the country. He said that another brother, candidate of international law Eldeniz Abdullayev was poisoned at a Ramiz Mehtiyev-owned restaurant “Qurd qapysy” following which he became disabled.

Elshad Abdullayev pointed out that his publications about Mahir Abdullayev’s kidnapping and his legitimate claims are accompanied by burst of libelous statements and mendacious allegations in progovernmental mass media;

“ site founded and edited by me is blocked into Azerbaijan. Graduates and teachers of the AIU I had once led who try to protect my interests are perpetually persecuted”.        










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