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The crimes of abduction of people by the political purposes in Azerbaijan.

Why all these crimes are not solved? – Human rights activist Oktay Gyulalyev

     Last few years the political kidnapping is extended in Azerbaijan. People abduct according to their social action, journalistic activities, according to their financial conditions and their governmental posts. In many cases behind thefts are the organized groups, the power structures of government and the senior officials, the government officials. In most cases, these crimes remain unsolved.

     A few days ago, the theft of well-known blogger in Azerbaijan Mehman Huseynov mysteriously, who was exposed of physical torture and was threatened, makes subject more relevant.

     Let’s turn our attention to the some cases of abductions of people in Azerbaijan in the recent years:

Unsolved affairs during 14 years, Employee of the Ministry of National Security Maher Abdullayev, brother of the former rector of Azerbaijan International University Elshad Abdullayev …?!

    More memorable abduction and great subject of debate in last 14 years, which creates a lot of questions even today, happened in 2003 year.

     Employee of the Ministry of National Security Mahir Abdullayev, brother of the former rector of Azerbaijan International University Elshad Abdullayev, has been mysteriously kidnapped.

According to the video materials which were published by side Elshad Abdullayev, is clear, that people who negotiated with Elshad Abdullayev and who were promised him give back Mahir Abdullayev, in exchange for some summ of money, they held responsible positions in government. Very interesting and surprising is that beside  those people  which hold responsible positions in Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Internal  Affairs, in the Presidential Security Department, among them were people like Deputies of Parliament, businessmen and even one president of a court in region of Baku.

     In response to our survey Elshad Abdullayev declared that: “Former executioners and bandits of Ministry of National Security Akif Djovdarov, Hilal Asadov, Rasul Rasulov, Fikrat Aliyev, Nazim Latifov, they required from me to transfer 20 million dollars to account of Heydar Aliyev Foundation with a condition to give back my brother Mahir abdullayev. But, I announced them that I have not money and I am not in the power of paying so much money. And the generals of  Ministry of National Security  told me that: “ you have pay immediately  10 million dollars to account of Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the rest of money you  have to pay us in part” …so they required and  at the same time they begged too.

     About all events I wrote and informed media, the European Court and INTERPOL in my letters. At the same time, beside Heydar Aliyev Foundation I payed to Akif Jovdarov, Rasul Rasulov, Hilal Asadov, Nazim Latifov and to officer of Ministry of National Security Fikrat Aliyev, the nearest relative of secretary of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev. The process of payment was realised by Nazim Latifov and Hilal Asadov, with the control of the former executioner of KGB Akif Jovdarov. I demanded a guarantee of information of about receiving the money. As guarantee of payment, the vice-minister of the National Security Hilal Asadov sent to me with Fikrat Aliyev one of book of his sister, who worked at the Medical      University as docent, and signed there that they had received the money.

Elshad Abdullayev announced us other names too: “Deputy of Parliament Gular Ahmedova took from me 2 million dollar using the name of Ramiz Mehdiyev to find my brother Mahir Abdullayev.

    But, these events were propagandized by the puppet court and media of Ramiz Mehdiyev  in the society of Azerbaijan as the affairs of mandate of Gular Ahmedova.

     In reality, I gave this money to find my brother. “Iron merchant” Arzu Kazimov and former vice-minister of Internal Affairs Zahid Dunyamaliyev had required 3 million dollar from me using name of minister of internal affairs Ramil Usubov.


It is fact, that after broadcasting more video materials from my side, many of them were dismissed from their post of and some were arrested. But, after this incident, many of them stayed in their post and were appointed to an high post too. Although, passing 13 years after this tragedy there is not any information about Mahir Abdullayev’s destiny. On the contrary, instead of opening the crime the law enforcement authorities silenced relatives of victims; they arrested them and prohibited them from traveling abroad.

In the following years, many of famous critical journalists, social political activists and state officials and even the members of their family were abducted.

  • “The abduction of Jahangir Hajiyev’s wife was ordered by the head of department of Ministry of Internal affairs”.

     In some cases, kidnapping covers not only public figures, activists or journalists and sometimes officials and members of their families too.

     One of more interesting event of abduction announced the former chief operating officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Haji Mamedov, who was sentenced life imprisonment. In 09 august of 2006 years, Haji Mamedov declared in the court that in february of 2005 years Zakir Hasanov, the chief of Criminal Investigation Department of Internal Affairs, ordered me to abduct Zamira Hajiyeva, wife of president of INternational Bank Jahangir Hajiyev:

– “Some days before of abduction of Zamira Hajiyeva Zakir Hasanov asked me if I know Jahangir Hajiyev well. And I said that this man came to Qarabulagh Restaurant and we did a dinner together. We agreed to abduct Jahangir Hajiyev’s wife and to require a lot of money from him. After receiving money, we wanted to release Jahangir’s wife. I organized plan of abduction. We had determined adress of Jahangir Hajiyev and we entrusted the member of our group Eldar Rahimov keep in the control Zamira Hajiyeva. In 10 october last year, we succeded abducting Zamira Hajiyeva during of exit from saloon of beauty” –

–  Haji Mamedov noticed.

   Haji Mamedov also noticed that with the condition of releasing Jahangir Hajiyev’s wife they wanted to require from him 15 million dollars: «We wanted to require 15 million euro finally, stop on 2 million euros. We thought that Jahangir Hajiyev would pay us this amount during two days and would release his wife. But, it was our last operation. We couldn’t get this amount from Jahangir Hajiyev, I was arrested and was sent to Ministry of National Security, Zamira Hajiyeva was released”.


   They wanted to behead a journalist.

   There are a lot of journalists between the abducted people who were abducted and tortured for theirs critical articles. One of them is Fikrat Huseynli the member of “Azadliq” newspaper. He was taken near the “Qurd Qapisi” Restaurant while he had have made one reportage in the villa of Badamdard, well-known as the “Quarter-rich”.

Fikrat Huseynli announced: “In an instant, I felt a strong blow to the head. I staggered. I could only remember how they twisted my right hand. After this, Fikret Huseynli lost consciousness for two hours.

   “I have no information, during those two hours where I spent time, in which direction they carried me to, to whom they showed my dead body as evidence. And I stood up at that moment, when suddenly I saw the knife, which propped up to my throat. Instantly I felt that they wanted to behead me”. While he fought against the people in black masks collecting all the last forces, knife passing the throat wounded his face.

– “At this time I started to wheeze. One of them said: -.” He is dead. “And then they quickly left place”. Ensanguined Fikret Huseynli was taken to the emergency hospital. Despite that he was close to losing consciousness, he informed to chief editor of “Azadliq” newspaper Azad Ahmedov about happened event. Before arriving Azad Ahmedov, the police arrived to the hospital. And police entered to the room with them together. All doctors refused to treat Fikrat Huseynli when Azad Ahmedov said them that Fikrat Huseynli is a journalist and he was wounded with a knife. Fikrat Huseynli’s “confirmation” as “I fell” stopped the quarrel between the doctors and Azad Ahmedov. The doctors agreed to treat Fikrat Huseynli after such a “confirmation” and the police left the hospital. Next day Fikrat Huseynli decided to do medical checkup: «There came other acquaintance doctor. He checked me up. It became clear that they pricked me the several psychotropic substances. There were several scars on my knees and on different parts of my body “.

     After according to the constant claims of edition of “Azadlig”, the forensic medical examination which was determined for the already started criminal case didn’t record any of those facts. According to Fikret Huseynli; “The expert is trying to prove that I allegedly fallen, and something pierced my throat. Despite of a lot of scars on my body and clear evidence in my clothes, the forensic medical examination made fake medical certificate. Main problem is that I can’t get this fake certificate from them still today”. Not finding anybody of the criminals the investigation was closed after two months.

“I was beaten after being abducted, and they rode a car through me!”

Bahaddin Aziev, the chief editor of «Bizim Yol” newspaper was one of the journalists who was beaten to death after the abduction.

       During one of the meetings in round table by name of deceased journalist Elmar Huseynov there was suggested to write one article on the topic “Who do you suspect in the murder of Elmar Huseynov?” and to publish the results in the newspapers. Most of editions refused to publish the results because of the reader’s opinions which would be against of officials’ interests. But, “Bizim Yol” edition published the results. Bahaddin Aziyev was abducted that period.

        His abduction Bahaddin  Aziev described like that:  «Everything happened suddenly. But, this man is still in front of my eyes. I described him even during of investigation. I don’t know why investigator didn’t print his identikit.

        They immediately put a sack on my head, tied my hands of and they started beat me in the car. They said that – «You make this long time….., you thought you wouldn’t get any response?”. After 15-20 minutes they dropped him out of the car and they brought him to the yard of the some house. Here, they began beat him again. Some of them said: «… beat without any traces”. Other said: “…leave traces or not leave…., we can`t return him back…let’s shoot him and throw into the sea…»

         But, a plan was changed. They put the editor into the car again.

“They dropped me out of the car in the road, after they rode through me by car. Early in the morning there came a lot of street dogs. It was about 15-20 dogs. I could count them by the theirs voices. Some days after it seemed to me there was somebody with dogs. Because, at that time, I felt some beat with a stone in my back. They were ready to attack on me in case of if I budge”. Just early in the morning, with a sack on the head, with tied hands and with broken legs Bahaddin Aziev, a driver saw him while passing by. One police and ambulance took him to the hospital: «My legs were broken in the five parts. The fractures were very complicated. It was such complicated fractures that they didn’t take me to the treatment and I was treated in the hospital and at home during 10 months”. The criminal investigation of this case is got an complication: ” No one of suspected persons wasn’t determined, there is not any identikit. That’s why, it’s not clear, according by what fact the investigation continue. So, it’s clear to everybody that this criminal case will not be solved”.

Abducted and hanged upside down.

The chief editor of “Azadliq” newspaper who is in the prison now, prisoner of conscience Seymur Hazi has been several times threatened and tortured according of the reason of his articles.

       According to him, first time he was abducted in 2005 year, and stayed hanged upside down about two hours. Also, he was abducted in May of 2010 year.  At this period they «advised” to him not write articles about Ilham Aliyev. Next time, in 26 march of 2011 year, he was abducted and has been tortured. He describes this event like that: «6 persons in the black mask put me into the car and beat me.

They beat me inside too and they put the sack in my head. Approximately, we drove 15-20 minutes and after we reached to the new constructed house. There they took the mask from me. They were in good physical conditions and they were russian speakers. They beat me in the mud and they recorded to the video, may be they had to show me someone. So, they left me somewhere in the street, with the mask in the head, with tied hands with a tape. I came to myself and I saw one building.  I came up close to the building. I asked an address to somebody.  He answered that I’m in Binagadi district. Seymur Azi considers that the reason of beating is his articles:

   – “Readers in Azerbaijan know that I write only about Ilham Aliyev. Even I don’t write  about the ministers.

 As the editor of “Azadliq” newspaper, my main function consists of observation of all  activity of the President of Republic. It is third time happens with me. In 2005 year I was abducted and hanged upside down for about two hours and I stayed in this situation for a long time. In May of 2010 year I was arrested and I was exhausted during an hour and a half, they advised me not to write about Ilham Aliyev».

In 3 july of 2001 year, the chief editor of “Baki-xəbər” newspaper (Baku news) Aydin Guliyev was abducted.

     Despite of he wasn’t beaten, tortured but, they put him into the car tied his eyes and hands and then they rolled around the city by car for some hours. They put some conditions with the political motives: «They required to stop my political and the journalist activity. I and my family will meet the big tragedy in case of    if I do not comply with their rules”.

     We can continue this list. In following years, there were abducted other journalists, businessman, the members of family of officials according to the political purposes and greediness.

The journalists has been abducted and tortured cruelly for the reason of their articles.

     When you know that Seymur Azi, Bahaddin Aziev and Fikrat Huseynli wrote a lot of articles about the officials then it is clear who is behind the all events.

Continuation of the abductions – Mehman Huseynov.

      The abduction and the torture of the well-known blogger of Mehman Huseynov a few days ago, is the continuation of the abduction of people in Azerbaijan in the recent years. The chief of the “Institute of security and freedom of reporters” (ISFR) Mehman Huseynov as one of the well-known bloggers, is one of the reporters who publishes of video rolls about the negligent control of government in the country, luxurious living conditions of the officials and about theirs corruption actions. There are thousand fans and audience on his facebook profile. He was abducted in the night in 09 january of 2017 year and about 15 hours there wasn’t any information about him. Even, his relatives rang to the 102 hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to information of polices department they hadn’t any information about him. But, after 22 hours it was clear that Mehman Huseynov is in the police department N-22, of Nasimi district. They didn’t give any chance to family and to relatives of Mehman Huseynov to have contact with him. He announced that during this period he had been tortured and had been subjected to inhuman treatment. He was hanged upside down with the sack in the head and stayed in this condition for about 4 hours and he was beaten and was offended. In the Court  of Nasimin District he lost consciousness was fell down. The doctors of ambulance did him two injections and after using this situation a police forced him to sign some of documents.   According to advocate of Mehman Huseynov’s Elchin Sadiqov confirmed of signs of torture in the Mehman Huseynov’s body. After extensive public censure and protest he was brought to the Court of Nasimi District. He was released by paying 200 manat penalties.

The own prisons of Abductors!

Rector of “Azerbaijan International University” Elshad Abdullayev: “Eldar Mahmudov didn’t give an opportunity to kill me!”

      According to the information, there were prisons of the abductors of security and law enforcement agencies employees for hold abducted people, to threaten them, to torture them and get needed information from them. For example, according to the former rector of the closed Azerbaijan International University Elshad Abdullayev, there were several secret prisons of the present prisoner, of general of the Ministry of National Security Akif Chovdarov’s and he brought there his abducted victims and there he solved problems.

-“Armed with modern weapons from head to toe, people in black masks, carried the “volunteers” in secret prisons of Akif Chovdarova in ambulances. He had a lot of prisons in several places, for example in Khinaliq (Xinaliq), too. If, Garabulag was the cemetery of victims of Haji Mamedov, Khinaliq (Xinaliq) was the cemetery of Akif Chovdarov. In their negotiations I understood that they “invite to the guests” the person who does not accept their conditions. Akif Chovdarov used his own houses in Novkhani and Badamdar, as own prisons, too. I have been tortured in “Guantanamo” prison in Novkhani which belonged to Akif Chovdarov, by the unknown reasons; Eldar Mahmudov did not give them an agreement to kill me. I have been in the secret prison of Masazir which belonged to him, too. He led me there and blackmailed me to pay immidiately, he said – “… there should be no delay. In other case, we will send you there, where Mahir is”.

  You know about of the prisons in Masazir which belonged to Akif Chovdarov by the photos published by journalist Eynulla Fatullayev in media. But, all those facts were not announced and these facts were not clear in trial by named «MSN affair” (Ministry of National Security), it was covered, too.

     I consider that the traffic police patrols working at the greenhouses of Akif Chovdarov in Masazir, whose photos were presented, are actual participants for realization of the kidnapping in Azerbaijan”.

      According to the Elshad Abdullayev`s announcement, there were a lot of prisons which were belonged to Akif Chovdarov. His prisons were in a timber workshop in Verxniy Ture of Sverdlovsk region, close to Nalchik, in Nijniy-Novgorod, in the region Caspiysk of Dagestan, in Lavashinskiy Tower.

Why happens abduction of people in political purposes?


    According to our investigation, the abductions of people in Azerbaijan happened because of the cause of impunity, of character and essence of authority. Government built its existence on the corruption, on hegemony, on lie, on lawlessness of officials and on authoritarian repression. To defend its existence using force, the Government cannot control and subjugate the people afterwards, which were prepared for this.

In the result, people who appeared by the power of the government and changed the force to the governmental politics, they create a big problem to government and damaging its columns.

     The other end of this those crimes in the recent 15-20 years, are leading us to the high officials. For that reason, most of crimes are not solved.

     No doubt that these crimes will continue while there is still impunity for people who had been involved in racketeering, kidnapping people, tortured them, took money and property of people by using the power of the government. Regardless of the nature, essence and purpose of the kidnappings are the most serious offense. But the realization of these crimes by the authority makes twice worse of these crimes. Unfortunately, our country and the people is not immune from the crimes of the abductions of people.

To remove these crimes, it is necessary to create a democratic society, laws must act with all force, the courts should be independent, should be strict control over public authorities, it should be strengthened international obligation of our country.



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Human rights activist Oktay Gyulalyev

Azerbaijan, Baku, 17 January 2017

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